A pledge for better health

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  • A close look into our world

    A step towards better life..

    People in the ancient said, our bodies are like a temple that should be taken care of. But this hectic life that we all are living makes it difficult for us to make time for ourselves. Thus, suffering from some kind of health issues have become a part and parcel of life.


    And as the saying goes-

    "Better late then Never"


    So, let us all take out some time from our busy and monotonous schedule to take a step into a better living.


    As, there is nothing more important then health and it is only possible to enjoy the beauty of the world when we are fit from both inside and outside.

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    Jennifer Brown

    Writing and helping people have always been my passion. So, I chose to write health related blogs that bring the two aspects beautifully together.

    I am an independent writer and my write up are based on the knowledge that i have accumulated through internet researches and different text books. This blogging site is my small world through which i wish to spread health and happiness.

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